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The “Association du Diaconat Protestant de Nantes” was founded in June 1906 and acknowledged of public utility the same year, in December.
“Its calling is to offer welcome and assistance to people in need, in a discriminating situation or with low income, without making any difference of origin or religion.” (extract of the statuses)
In Nantes, the “Diaconat” supplies food to almost 150 families. It also organizes lessons of French as a foreign language, offers some accomodations and a punctual financial support.

La Brise de Mer :
The history of “La Brise de Mer” is closely related to the “Diaconat Protestant”, when Hippolyte Durand-Gasselin (1839-1929), bequeath the propriety to the association in 1912. This old building, located in a big park near the sea, favored “the hospitality of underpriviledged children of Loire-Inférieure”. This legacy marked the social aim of La Brise de Mer, which hosted the first summer camps and welcomed thousands of children for a century.

2014 : A complete restoration :
But without any heating system nor any isolation, the house was only opened during summer and totally inadequate for disabled people.
At the beginning of the century, one thing was certain : the “old lady” was outdated, compared to the current regulation so it needed an important restoration. With the new-born project, the association could pursue its social aim, and transformed it into a pilot site for the hosting of disabled persons. In 2013-2014, an ambitious renovation program, carried entirely by volunteers, was led with the support of many public and private partners. This restoration has made the entire propriety accessible for everyone and we have gained the “ecological lodge” and “tourism and handicap” label.

Today, a triple ambition :

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